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Experience the Storeinn difference. Drawing from our senior industry expertise, we don't just manage — we consult, strategize, and lead with an industry-leading business system. Whether you need consultative guidance or full operational management, trust in our stellar track record to elevate your self-storage investment.

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Features of Storeinn

Everything you need for efficient management of self storage portfolios

Predictive pricing

Predictive Pricing

Intelligent and dynamic rate optimization leveraging AI to effectively maximize self-storage revenues.

Self storage box

Asset Transformation

Revamping self-storage operations with innovative processes, technology, and refurbishment for efficient Storeinn management.

Maximized returns

Effortless Ownership

Managing all operational, administrative, and reporting aspects, streamlining institutional ownership.

ESG ownership


Implementing transparent ESG-focused management for continual improvement in your self-storage assets.

Third party mgmt
Third-party management

Unlocking self-storage potential with our digitized third-party management solution

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Enrich your self-storage portfolio with our proven investment and development strategies.

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Inntello tech modules
Our tech solution

Leading data-driven platform for streamlined self-storage management.

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About us

With 50 years combined experience from the industry.

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