Leveraging digital innovation for optimal performance and streamlined operations.

At Storeinn, we bring specialized systems and expertise in all key self-storage aspects including sales, pricing, and operations. Our digital system platform empowers the business to enhance performance and drive informed decision-making.

Why third-party management?

Digitalized remote management model that enables substantial financial improvements

Predictive pricing

Effortless Ownership Experience - Streamlined

Storeinn seamlessly manages all operational, administrative, and reporting aspects of your
self-storage business. With a focus on transparency, control, and comprehensive reporting, our dedicated team ensures maximized returns, offering you the peace of mind that your assets are in competent hands.

Self storage box

Innovative Digital Customer Solutions - Improved Occupancy

Storeinn leads the way in digital self-storage solutions. We provide state-of-the-art e-
commerce experiences, facilitating a fully digital customer journey across all devices.
Coupled with powerful online marketing, we drive customer enquiries and business growth.

Maximized returns

Advanced Data-Driven Rate Management - Increased Returns

Storeinn offers expert price and rate management services using AI. Our algorithms integrate customer data, competitor pricing, and internal inventory data, crafting dynamic real-time pricing. By evaluating the Life Time Value of customers, we strategically adjust pricing, fostering increased revenues.

ESG ownership

Transparent Financial & ESG Reporting - Clear Insights

Storeinn's dynamic reporting tools facilitate informed decision-making and business performance optimization. Our real-time KPI reporting ensures transparency and offers valuable business insights. Moreover, we manage electric devices and consumption,
promoting ESG compliance and minimal carbon footprint.

ESG ownership

Cost-Efficient Operations - Operational Savings

Storeinn drives operational efficiency and savings via automation, surveillance, and
minimized staff costs. Our comprehensive consumption and cost control mechanisms
enable businesses to enhance operations, boost efficiency, and trim expenses.

ESG ownership

Flexible Ownership - Scalable Solutions

Storeinn offers scalable ownership solutions, providing investors the flexibility to adjust
their portfolio size and duration as needed. Storage assets can be sold with or without a
management mandate, ensuring total ownership adaptability.

Revitalizing Self-Storage - The Storeinn Method

How does it work?

Partnership Focused on Revenue
Storeinn functions as a third-party manager, synergizing with self-storage property owners. We don´t merely lease your space; we expertly manage it, enhancing efficiency and assuming complete operational responsibility for the storage facilities. We participate in the storage rental revenues as a result of the services we render.

Comprehensive Integration
As your third-party manager, we smoothly incorporate existing storage facility organizations, staff, and systems into the Storeinn platform. Our training empowers staff with our state-of-the-art processes and systems, enabling them to leverage our digital platform and increase their efficiency. We oversee data migration, new tech installations, and facility refurbishment for a seamless transition.

For new facilities, we offer project management services for construction and property conversions into operational storage facilities. We design the floor plan, determine the unit mix, and organize all necessary resources to expedite the opening and revenue generation process.

Modern Reporting
Storeinn´s financial and ESG reporting equips institutional investors with real-time insights into holdings performance, sustainability, and operating costs. Our tools provide prompt KPI reports, investment return insights, and assist in benchmarking for new opportunities. We track ESG factors across the portfolio, and our systematic documentation simplifies due
diligence for potential divestments. Storeinn´s modern reporting practices promote informed decision-making and efficient portfolio management.

What Are The Costs?

All-Inclusive Services
Our management fees cover all aspects including management, staff, marketing, reporting, administration, and IT system costs. Facilities are billed for their individual taxes, utilities, maintenance, and any new investments or refurbishments. Additional external costs, such as audit and bank fees, are billed directly to the facility. We custom-tailor our fee structure to match the specifics of your portfolio.

Transformation Investment
The onboarding process for a facility entails additional costs for staff training, system migration, and new tech installations at the facility and operations center.

These initial investments, inclusive of project management costs, typically equate to about 10% of the facility´s value, distributed over a 2-3 year period. During this transition, we aim to eliminate unnecessary costs such as redundant IT systems, software, etc.

Value-Driven Strategy
Our sophisticated systems focused on customer engagement, revenue optimization, and effective management strive to enhance your storage facility´s net operating income, thereby amplifying the value of your portfolio. To align our goals with yours, we share in the
increased value we contribute towards.