Enrich your self-storage portfolio with our proven strategies

Storeinn offers expertise in transforming existing storage facilities into modern, efficient operations, and developing new storage facilities. We provide investors with all-inclusive guidance throughout the expansion process, from strategic planning and feasibility studies to site selection, acquisitions, construction, and conversions.

Aquisition management

Storeinn identifies, evaluates, and facilitates the acquisition of existing self-storage facilities, land, and properties. Our strategic approach offers investors and operators a reliable entry point or expansion avenue in the self-storage market. Our industry expertise enriches the underwriting process with improved assumptions on revenues and costs, securing sound investments.

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Transformation Management

Storeinn effectively integrates existing storage facilities’ staff and systems into our cutting- edge platform. The onboarding process entails comprehensive staff training, data migration, tech installations, and facility refurbishments. Through our digital platform and advanced processes, staff boost their efficiency. Initial investments are typically about 10% of the facility´s value, distributed over a 2-3 year period. During this transition, we aim to eliminate redundant costs, such as superfluous IT systems and software, and streamlining operations.

Construction Management

Storeinn offers professional project management for the construction of self-storage facilities, overseeing all aspects from planning and design to construction. We manage contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and according to client specifications. Our team designs floor plans, determines unit mixes, and mobilizes resources for prompt facility openings and revenue generation.

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Conversion Management

Storeinn specializes in converting existing buildings into fully operational self-storage facilities. This cost-effective strategy enables property owners to repurpose underutilized or vacant spaces. Our remote and automated operational model allows us to transform smaller sites into efficient, profitable storage facilities, broadening the investment universe in terms of lot sizes. At Storeinn, we stand ready to help you uncover new opportunities and to fast-track facility openings and revenue generation.